Phil Lomac’s musical roots trace back to the cold war era Berlin in which he grew up. The city is and always has been a cultural melting pot, unique unto itself. Permeated by musicians and artists from all corners of the globe the creative energy was magnetic and inescapable, igniting a spark that would set off his lifelong pursuit into music and shape his eclectic approach to the craft. 


Over the years Lomac has been equally comfortable performing as a singer/songwriter in coffee houses as he has been pounding out ear-splitting guitar riffs in rock & roll honky tonks and dive bars. Filling lead guitar and backing/lead vocal roles in a variety of bands including The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour, Senatobia (Performing Songwriter top 10 DIY pick) and the Asheville, NC based post-punk outfit Bugs Multiply, he eventually kicked-off a solo career with his own self-titled release "Phillomac", followed by two additional records - "Stranger's Funeral" and his most recent effort 2017's "Northern Cities, Southern Stars". His solo recordings feature an eclectic mash-up of genres, including indie rock, pop, folk and roots music, without compromising the characteristics Lomac is known for: solid songwriting matched to lyrics that have power and genuine depth.


Place means a lot to records. And though his albums don't necessarily describe his now home state of North Carolina too much they do map out a certain evolution of the DIY music market. With an approach that belongs to the experimental popster and a core that is pure and rich with instrumentation the unrefined sound of Lomac's music continues to be a refreshing contrast to the overly-produced, mechanized feel of modern fare.